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Affilated with Baumann Real Estate Inc., Seniors on the Move Realty is governed under the same Broker. Seniors on the Move will dedicate itself as a successful, well-rounded office specializing in residential, residential income (1031), and commercial transactions all over the Southern California Area. And now we are adding 55+ plus citizens as an office specialty. A majority of our agents have dedicated their business to include guiding our Senior sellers during the moving process and finding a special new home. Our Real Estate Professionals work together to make a powerful sales force dedicating their expertise, time, and money for the betterment of our clients.

Seniors On The Move Realty is a new real estate office that is too late in coming. It’s paramount belief is that the Senior community must have better representation from the listing agent. We strive to be:

  • An agent that is not only knowledgeable but understanding, thoughtful, and patient.
  • An agent that always puts the Seller’s good before their own.
  • An agent that is experienced in the obstacles facing Senior sellers.

This website is not just a commitment, but it is a promise to provide you with our professional focus to the needs of our Senior Sellers. We are available Morning, Noon and Night at 562 869-3336.


Welcome to Seniors On The Move Realty, a Division of Baumann Real Estate Inc., who has been a real estate fixture in Downey since 1967. The information provided in this booklet is designed to:


  • Provide you with all pertinent information to assist you on deciding whether or not to move
  • Discuss the various types of residences available to seniors
  • Explain the selling process, from start to finish
  • Explain what we will do to get your home ready for sale
  • Detail what happens once your home is in escrow and how to move forward
  • Assist you with finding your new home and provide any needed services
  • Preparing your home to market – it’s show time

And that is just the beginning!


Reasons to Move

It can sometimes be difficult knowing where you want to relocate. Usually there is a reason. Is it to be closer to family or friends? Maybe it’s to lend a helping hand or to get one. Does the location provide the living arrangements that suits your comfort? Are you looking for a beautiful rural area? Is weather important and you are moving to more favorable climate? Looking for space to raise animals or to have that long awaited garden? Is the new location well known for your favorite pass time or entertainment? Does it provide the peace and quiet you seek, maybe to sit on the front porch and read a favorite novel?

Many questions, lets find the answers.

Sell or Stay?


Moving can be a very emotional time for the entire family. Leaving the family home can be stressful and sometimes a sad reality. We understand these feelings and dedicate our expertise to guiding you through the move from start to finish. But first the decision needs to be made, sell or stay.

Now we are ready to look at the options and the reasons for moving to an appropriate new home. We will be able to bring up questions, topics and information that you may or may not have thought about in order to make an educated decision.

Once the location is determined our services include:

  • Pre-qualifying you for a new loan with a comfortable payment.
  • Determine monthly expenses i.e. water, trash, utilities.
  • Start looking for your new home through our access to that area.
  • A free newspaper subscription delivered to you from your new area.
  • Provide important phone numbers to the area that you are moving.


Selling Process

During the Selling Process your listing agent will:

  • Help to determine the value of your home  and answer all questions.
  • Talk about making arrangements to show your home to buyers and the advantages of scheduling open houses.
  • Discuss the property flyers and property domain site.
  • Discuss senior web site domain featuring all senior listings.
  • Inform the surrounding neighbors of your plans to move. Often your neighbor may have family or friends wanting to move into the area.
  • Submit listing to the Multiple Listing Service and notify all agents with interested buyers.
  • Present all offers and negotiate the best price and terms possible.
  • Open escrow and bring all paper work to you for your signature.
  • Provide free notary on all needed documents.
  • Meet all inspectors, appraisers and service people such as termite.
  • Instruct escrow how and where to direct the net proceeds.

And that’s just the beginning!

Getting Started


While helping to make selling decisions, there are many other services required to get your house on the market. Services include:

  • Preparing your property for the market begins with a walk through to determine what needs to be done. The ultimate goal is to obtain the highest price possible. Many times that means carpet cleaning, some painting, garden clean up, thorough house cleaning, and de-cluttering. If money is not readily available, the cost could be paid and reimbursed back to the agent at a later date or at the close of escrow.
  • If necessary a gardener and cleaning person will be scheduled through the showing process, opening escrow and inspections.

Let’s get started!



Time to organize, pack, and get prepared for buyers showing! Together we will:

  • Help de-clutter
  • Give or donate to your favorite organization
  • Sell or liquidate items by arranging for an estate sale
  • Keep the items you’ll need and those for staging
  • Start packing those items to be moved
  • Arrange for shipping those items you’re giving to family and friends
  • Remove all items of value
  • Shred unwanted documents as directed

It’s show time!

Moving Forward

When your home is in escrow, its time to move forward! Now the moving process begins. It is critical that there is constant communication between you – the selling agent – lender – escrow. Timing is very important in order to easily move forward. All conditions and contingencies must be met, approved and/or removed. It’s time to:


  • Develop an overall moving plan.
  • Coordinate the closing for your next home and start all of your services.
  • Find a professional packing and shipping company.
  • Take a second look for any other item for disposal.
  • Assist with utility changes – turn off here – turn on there.
  • Take care of every detail, after every detail, after every detail.


Almost Finished

The only thing left to say is thank you for the opportunity to be of service. It has been an honor to step forward with you to your new home sweet home.

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